One of the most important things to remember when considering home window tint film in Bismarck, ND is the drastic reduction it can provide in the cost of your energy bill. Many households can cut their energy bills in half after installing window film in the home. The ability for the film to allow air conditioning units to work as intended is a great benefit. The rooms stay cooler longer, and the air conditioning can cool the spaces faster when they do heat up. This also saves from hefty repair bills down the line. If your air conditioning unit can work less, it can last longer. These films can often pay for themselves in a matter of two and a half to three years in some cases, and after that, the savings go straight into your pocket.

Many people in Bismarck are aware that sunlight can damage their skin, but most people do not consider the damage that the same ultraviolet light could be doing to their home. These rays can fade beautiful hardwood flooring or carpet, damage antique furniture, artwork, and draperies, and fade new leather and fabric furniture in only one or two years time. To protect these items from damage, window film is the best option. Bis-Man Window Tinting offers many films that block out over 99 percent of ultraviolet rays entering through your windows. These films can range anywhere from blacked out limo tint style, to absolutely beautiful ceramic polarized films, all the way to almost completely clear and unnoticeable.


☑️  Make areas that are too hot cooler with solar control films. This can have the added benefit of saving you some significant cash on your HVAC bill, as well as improve the life of your air conditioner. Not bad side effects for a cooler and more comfortable home.

☑️  Take blinding glare and soften the light with shaded tints. The amount of light blocked in a window tint depends on the ratio of opaque filler to the transparent base material, so the amount of light that you want to let in is completely up to you.

☑️  Protect hardwood floors or carpet from ultraviolet light and prevent fading. UV and ultraviolet light can damage some of your household materials, but they can also damage your skin. Most people don’t think to apply sunscreen indoors, so a tint that blocks the harmful part of the light spectrum can actually be beneficial to health.

☑️  Protect furniture, draperies, and artwork from damaging sunlight. Even the visible spectrum can cause some damage to certain items in your home. Whether they’re personally or financially valuable, a well applied tint can protect them.

☑️ Provide privacy for rooms that face neighbors or roads. As a privacy barrier, your residential window tint will keep others from seeing you. However, because tints work differently than, say, sunglasses, you will be able to see out perfectly, even at night (no night glare with our residential tints). 

☑️  Provide enhanced views with polarized films to beautify outdoor spaces. Many people don’t yet appreciate how a great residential tint can be a work of art. We are working to change that. Check out some of our previous work for yourself.


Our business customers can also experience the benefits of window film installation that are realized by our residential window tinting clients. The same concerns related to UV rays, privacy, heat & glare, and energy use are all prevalent, often even more so, in commercial buildings. Many of our commercial window tinting clients desire to be socially responsible by operating as “green” as possible. They have heightened concerns related to protecting their assets. They want to provide a comfortable and productive work environment for their employees by keeping ambient temperatures comfortable. Many of our previous clients have reported all of the following after their Bismarck-Mandan commercial tint installation.

Money Saved - As we mentioned, energy costs can soar when your air conditioning unit is constantly fighting off the sun. By blocking all of the surface area where light gets through the windows, a business owner can save a significant amount on their energy with a window tinting service alone, not even counting the extra life you'll get on your AC from not working it so hard.

Comfortable Environment - Despite what some of the more irate bosses and teachers might say, people generally do better work when they are not uncomfortable all of the time. For some reason, this seems especially true when things are too hot rather than too cold (you can always layer up, you can't always take layers off, especially at work). It's no stretch that many managers see statistically significant improvement in productivity when their workers needs are taken care of.

Extra Protection - When you store stuff inside, you tend to think of it as safe from the elements. However, many items experience degradation merely from exposure to sunlight. If your building has valuable belongings of this nature, they could be losing value much faster than they should if they are being exposed to sunlight regularly. It is just one more way that a Bismarck-Mandan window tinting service can save you money.

Extra Safety - It probably comes as no surprise that your windows are the most vulnerable part of your commercial building; glass is not well known for its durability. Although it is more of a side effect of window tinting than its primary function, because tints are placed on the inside of a building, they can actually protect people inside from glass shrapnel in the event of a window shattering from vandalism, storms, etc. This can give business owners just a little bit more peace of mind about the safety of their workers.

Improved Aesthetic - Many people do not know just how many styles and designs are available when it comes to commercial window tinting. Here at Bis-Man Window Tinting, we are happy to walk our customers through all of their options. A new and improved look is just another benefit that you can look forward to when you hire Bis-Man Window Tinting.
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